• The lockers are of different sizes.
  • Operations will be allowed during the declared hours of business.
  • Before you leave the Vault, please check that your Locker is closed properly.
  • Nomination facility is available for Safe Deposit Lockers also.
  • You can have an individual as well as joint locker account.
  • Locker will be allotted subject to availability. It is desirable to open an account in the name all of locker holders with our bank.
  • Timing : 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM. (Monday to Saturday) (2nd and 4th Saturday holiday)

Yearly Locker Rent as per below :

 Locker Type Bavla Branch Naranpura Branch Science City Branch
 A 600.00/- 600.00/- 2800.00/-
 B 900.00/- 1500.00/- 2000.00/-
 C   2000.00/- 1600.00/-
 D 1200.00/-    
 E 1500.00/-    
 F 1800.00/-    
 G 2100.00/-    

* 18% GST excluding

 Note : As per RBI circular No. RBI/2021-2022/86,DOR.LEG.REC/40/09.07.005/2021-22 on dated 18/08/2021 all Locker holders to make require Locker agreement.